A peaceful moment, that allows for a quiet mind and quiet thoughts.
I work in a very unusual surrounding.
There is only a couple of us in the room.
I’m thinking about it all now. Not about the work itself.
The boss left an hour ago, so everything is quiet. Kinda. Somebody is playing some old jazz. I am looking through the window, out to the street. People passing by a couple of stories below. I feel the old heavy curtains with one of my hands, holding on to it. In the window’s reflection, I see a colleagues monitor, and him, working. I look at whats left of the recent sunset between the buildings. Too occupied to remember to look at it just a couple of minutes earlier.
The feeling is as if I’ve unexpectedly dropped by at a friends place. Enjoying the quietness and solitude of a big, empty apartment. Only that old jazz playing, shuffling quickly through the notes on a trumpet. No vocals. Sounds so distant from something a man would make. No words. No complicated thoughts. Only the light tapping of the keyboards, the clicks.. And the jazz..


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